From newly manufactured parts, to time-sensitive maintenance and repair applications, Trumbull Foundry & Alloy has a proven track record of meeting the most demanding requirements.

Our customers are truly representative of America’s industrial heartland, where quality, craftsmanship, and commitment to performance are key. Our team’s knowledge allows us to recommend the right alloy for the right job. This is particularly important in critical wear parts applications, where durability and longevity reduce maintenance downtime, improving your bottom line.

Industries and Applications

Trumbull Foundry is a key supplier to customers operating in the aggregate, cement, mining, energy, glass and refractory, steel and construction heavy equipment markets. Our attention to detail, ability to cast multiple alloys and provide post-cast finishing provides an assurance that your parts will provide exceptional durability and wear resistance.

Production Capabilities

  • No-bake foundry – 150,000+ square feet
  • Ferrous Metal Castings from 1-3,000 pounds
  • 100-ton monthly melt capacity
  • Small part/run capabilities with heat sizes as low as 100 pounds
  • Complete turnkey machining and finishing services
  • Cast and fabricated wear components and assemblies
  • Custom-developed material alloys to meet specific application requirements
  • Rapid and emergency lead time production
  • Loose pattern capabilities
  • Chemistry controlled by optical omission spectrometer
  • Low to medium production runs
  • Complex cored casting capabilities
  • Heat treating capabilities by approved production facilities